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What Is Foodie Nash?

FOODIE NASH is a deck of cards!  Each card in the deck represents a different restaurant in Nashville and the surrounding area. There are 52 restaurants and 2 bonus “dessert" cards in the 2017 deck.  37 cards offer $10 off of a $30 food purchase, while 17 cards in the deck give $5 off a $25 food purchase.  (Smaller coffee shops and food trucks offer the smaller discount.)   The entire deck is worth $455 if you were to use every single card in the deck!  FOODIE NASH is a creative way to eat your way around Nashville, while receiving discounts along the way. FOODIE NASH has “something for everyone” because each of the 54 eateries are unique and locally owned.  


FOODIE NASH prides itself on offering discounts at various eateries in a variety of neighborhoods at different cuisines and price points.  Offering a sampling of what Nashville has to offer a hungry diner, FOODIE NASH is a great way to support locally owned restaurants while getting to know the culinary scene in Nashville.  Each card is a one-time redemption offering either $5 or $10 off at that restaurant (terms and conditions apply).  The dining card also displays information about the restaurant to help the diner become familiar with that particular establishment.   With 52 (+ 2 bonus “ dessert”)   cards in the deck, patrons can enjoy a different locally owned restaurant every week of the year!